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Your Healthiest Self – 12 Weeks to a Healthier You

August 21st, 2011   |   Posted in: Dr. Halstrom News

Program Starts September 15 2011

Our online lifestyle coaching – weight loss program guided by our registered dietitian Areli Hermanson (http://www.eatitup.ca) consists of 12 modules of approximately 30 minutes each, as well as live question and answer calls each week).  Individualized support, guidance, and attention will be available throughout your 12-week journey to a healthier you.

Topics covered include:

  • The psychology of eating
  • Oxidative Damage and Cellular Health
  • Stress and Stress Management
  • The Glycemic Index
  • Menu Planning
  • Physical Activity
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • ….much more

Successful weight loss may allow you to live free of CPAP or an oral appliance.  Remember: 10% body mass reduction correlates with 26% decrease in AHI (Peppard et al. JAMA 2000).

[email protected] for more information.