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Snore Owl – a simple, self fit, and inexpensive snoring solution.

December 4th, 2012   |   Posted in: Dr. Halstrom News, Education Centre, silencer-news, Uncategorized

When snoring rather than sleep apnea is the problem, the Snore Owl offers simple, effective, and guaranteed results.

Web Link to Snore Owl – stop the snoring!

Dr. Halstrom speaks about the Snore Owl:

“The principle of opening the breathing tube by moving the lower jaw forward is as old as Florence Nightingale. Whether as a paramedic in the field, or an anaesthetist in the hospital the principle is the same – to splint the breathing tube open first advance the lower jaw as that action will cause an opening of the airway.

The use of this principle has been expanded over the years to include techniques used in the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring. Appliances are available that use standard dental techniques to create devices that act to position the lower jaw forward so that over the course of the night the airway is opened resulting in a quite and restful sleep.

While the principle is simple, the act is complicated.  Requirements for devices used to treat sleep apnea and/or snoring fall into four categories. They must be:
Comfortable – over the whole night;

Effective – over the whole night; and

Within our Dr. Halstrom clinics we treat sleep apnea and snoring using the finest technology available, combined with best practices professional protocols.

Two comments from respected health authorities need to be considered when discussing snoring and sleep apnea:

– while estimates vary the Canadian Thoracic Society tells us that Sleep apnea affects 1 in 25 men (4%) and 1 in 50 women (2%); and

– the National Sleep Foundation says that 27% of  adults report snoring every night or almost every night.

There is a huge percentage of our population suffering from snoring or second hand snoring that requires access to an effective and affordable snoring solution.

Based upon my researched and time tested technology used in the Silencer Professional device, I invented the Snore Owl to address this important public need.

I invite you to review in detail the information provided within the Snore Owl website to see if this product is for you.

Thank you,

Dr. Halstrom”
Web Link to Snore Owl – stop the snoring!