Sleep Apnea Screening

Dr. Halstrom - Sleep Apnea Screening

  • Epworth - Sleep Questionnaire:

    How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in the following situations, in contrast to feeling just tired? This refers to your usual way of life in recent times. Even if you have not done some of these things recently try to work out how they would have affected you. Select the most appropriate answer for each situation.

  • Admin Note: Scoring is Zero through Three. *

    No Chance of Dozing
    Slight Chance of Dozing
    Moderate Chance of Dozing
    High Chance of Dozing
  • MAP - Sleep Questionnaire: *

    Rarely (less than once per week)
    Sometimes (1-2 times per week)
    Frequently (3-4 times per week)
    Always (5-7 times per week)
    Do Not Know